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Big show this evening in the Mont-Tremblant Village church : Stephen Barry’s band will be followed by Vincent Beaulne’s group Blues Delight, whose CD Working on It shows that it has no reason to be jealous of any other band!
Daniel Lemay. La Presse

…If “made in Quebec” jazz recordings and digital productions are somewhat rare, imagine what it’s like for the Blues scene! For their third album, Blues Delight offers a joyful Working on It that blends ragged and harsh blues with good old country riffs. Guitarist-singer Vincent Beaulne, who is the artistic director of the Jazz Festival’s Blues Camp, and his bandmates, including saxophonist Dave Turner open up the summer season with good taste!
Christophe Rodriguez. Journal de Montréal

Sensual well paced Blues, sung by an authentic male voice with passion and elegance. The strings and brass intertwine in a frenzied succession of pieces which compels the listener to move.

…Blues Delight are talented and seasoned bluesmen. On stage, their show has the same quality of arrangements and interpretation as on their recordings which is great news since they will soon be performing during this festival season. Their album WORKING ON IT is certainly proving to be a must for your Blues collection. Gold old Blues, served “à la moderne” by a band of seasoned musicians: that’s Blues Delight!
Pierre Lamontagne, NetBlues

The album makes us discover a very well put together blues, performed with passion. Classic in the making of course, but classicism may be as much a benefit than a curse. In this case, Blues Delight takes up methods that have proven their efficiency and music lovers will experience a unfeigned pleasure when listening to the album’s 12 songs. A very good endeavor, even more enjoyable to watch in concert.
Hugo Prévost. Pieuvre.ca

…With its 40-year career, Vincent Beaulne, who is also music director of the Ca Festival International de Jazz de Montreal’s Camp Blues, offers his third album with Blues Delight. The album is called Working On and it will be launched on May 27 at Metropolis’ Savoy. The album includes 12 original songs, with music and lyrics by Vincent Beaulne and Robert Langlois. The blend of words and rhythms of the cd put us in a real good blues vibe.

…The album that Vincent Beaulne, a notorious (four decade) Blues activist in Quebec is presenting us with is more than just an album. He and his group are offering a kind of tribute, a celebration of blues that drives their daily energies and who live by the Blues, for the Blues and through it. Worth the discovery.
Fred Delforge. Zicazine.com (France)

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